Кекова Трэвел

Are you ready to take part in the magnificent journey of fun, music and fascinating excitement with the Kekova boat trip?
From Antalya, Olympos, Demre or Kas to Kekova tours. Day trip or Private boat trip options and prices; Blue cruise, Private yacht charter and Cabin charter around Kekova.

Private Boat Trip to Kekova

From Demre to Kekova and from Kekova to Kas; our voyage offers you a spectacular coastal content including a vast range of old theaters to museums, from virgin bays to the sunken city!

Day Trip to Kekova

Head out for trying different tastes and seeing new places or an adventure with endless excitement. The Kekova boat trip will give you an experience far above your expectations.

The one-way blue voyage between two port cities or diving deep into the depths of a seaside town.

Whatever you are dreaming of, Kekova boat trip will present you holiday memories that you will not forget even after many years!

Blue Cruise

Cabin Charter

Private Yacht Charter